Monday, June 02, 2008

New Car Seat!

So thanks to Grandma and Grandpa Brown, Jason has a brand new forward facing car seat. I was very excited to get it installed and see how he liked it. In case I haven't mentioned this before, Jason HATES riding in the car and will often cry hysterically during car rides. I was hoping that facing him forward would help with this problem. It has, mostly. He does seem a lot happier, talks to us and laughs at nothing while we're riding around. But once he's been in there for what he deems to be 'long enough', the whining and eventually the hysterical crying return. I'm hoping this continues to improve as he gets older, otherwise any sort of long car trip would be very out of the question!

By the way, Amanda if you are curious we got the Evenflo Triumph Advance Deluxe Convertible Car Seat. I don't know if you found one for Brynn that you liked yet, but I like this one a lot :)


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