Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Catch Up

I have been so friggen busy lately...I didn't realize that I hadn't posted since Jason's birthday. YIKES!!

I can't think of everything that's happened lately but here are some highlights:

- Thanksgiving - Spent it with my family. Jason ate some of the food. I got him this adorable outfit that said "Thankful for Tigger and Pooh" on it and it was too big. I made him wear it anyway :-) Naturally I didn't take any pictures. I really suck at that...

- Jason now says 'dog' 'nana' (banana) and 'a duh'...I don't know what that means. He says it like "Ah duh...ah duh" I thought he was saying "all done" but then he says it sometimes when it doesn't make sense, like when I close the gate at the top of the stairs. His dad claims he says 'mama' all the time, but he never says it when I'm around. I've also been told that he can say his own name. Again...never heard it.

- I taught Jason what a bee is, sorta. The logo for the company I work for is a bee. So there are bees on my jacket and polo shirts and name tag, etc. If I ask Jason 'Where's the bee?' he'll point to it. Then I have to buzz to make him giggle :-)

- I believe I mentioned that his top teeth came in (so there were four teeth total). Now he has getting a tooth on each side of the top two. One has already come through (so now there are 5) but the other is almost there.

- He's almost walking. I think I've been saying that for like 4 months. He pulls up really well and walks around everything, as long as he can hold on. He practically runs across the room with his walking toys. If only he would let go...

- On a me note, I'm going to change my hair. Lookout around the 30th because I'll be posting pictures then. It's going to be a little different ;-)

That's all for now!!


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