Sunday, March 01, 2009


Jason had his 15 month checkup a couple of weeks ago...yes I know, I'm super behind as usual.

Anyhow, he seems to be growing like a normal child. He weighs 23 and some odd pounds. I don't know how tall he is or anything because I can never understand the nurse and the doctor isn't much better. But she's really nice...

I was so excited that he was finally walking when we went because I was sure she was going to be concerned if he wasn't. But instead she was concerned about other things.

Jason doesn't talk...he makes a lot of babbling noises and coos but he never says 'mama' or 'dada' or any other little words that babies his age should say. She suggested that maybe it's because he gets what he wants by pointing, but he also doesn't point. I also mentioned that he stopped waving bye bye. He does a lot of learning to do something and then quitting. He also did that with blowing raspberries and dancing. He did those things for a little while and then just quit.

The point of all that is I guess is that she wants him to see a speech therapist. Just to make sure there isn't something going on. I've had several people ask me if I think he can hear OK. As far as I know he can. He comes when I call him, he always looks up at airplanes when he hears them, etc. etc. I've had a couple of suggestions for testing his hearing, like sneaking up behind him and dropping a pan...I'm not about to scare the living hell out of my child just to see if he can hear. I think we'll wait until I get the referral from the doctor for the speech therapist and go from there.

The other worry was that the pediatrician thinks she sees Jason's eyes wandering. When he was much younger I had mentioned my concern about that since Jason's dad had issues with his eyes wandering when he was younger. But at the time she said that all little babies have a bit of that problem because the muscles are so underdeveloped. She had given me a referral to an opthamologist at that time but I never used it since it seemed to get better. Apparently it's starting to come back again and now the doctor wants me to actually go see the opthamologist. Again, just to make sure everything is alright. I guess Jason's dad had also noticed this was happening occasionally but never mentioned it to me until I told him what the doctor said. Great, don't I feel like the crappy inattentive mother of the year...


Amanda West said...

LOL... We skipped Brynn's 15 month appointment and combined it with her 18 month. ;o)

Don't worry, different kids develop at different ages... you've seen it with Brynn too. She didn't start walking until she was 17 months old. AND, she's headed to eye surgery # 2.

What eye doctor did they refer him to? Brynn goes to Dr. Salevitz, he has several offices. One is on Higley, just south of Southern.

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