Thursday, April 09, 2009

Nothing to Worry About

I mentioned a month or so ago that Jason's pediatrician had some concerns about his eyes and his speech development at his last checkup. So she had referred me to an opthomologist and an ear, nose and throat doc as well and wanted him checked out by both.

Last Tuesday I took him to Dr. Pachman, the opthomologist. Jason had a great time running in circles around the waiting room, especially after they dilated his eyes. There was this adorable baby girl in the waiting room with us and she was laughing her butt off at him. Apparently little boys running around in circles are very funny. Anyway, the doctor looked at his eyes and said there isn't anything wrong that he can see. I actually hadn't really ever seen anything myself but I figured I would just have it checked out since Jason's pedi seemed concerned. So that was a relief. That night Jason came down with some sort of stomach bug :-( After reading Amanda's blog I'm wondering if it had anything to do with his eyes being dilated...although he was running a fever, so maybe not. Either way it was sad and gross all at the same time.

Today we went and visited the ear, nose and throat doc, Dr. Mancuso. One of my friends from work had taken her son to him before and had told me all sorts of wonderful things about him and sure enough, he was great. Jason gave him two hugs while we were there and overall he was just very calm and reassuring. He looked in Jason's ears, nose and mouth and then sent us to go get a hearing test done. After much struggling and a lollipop later, we managed to get it done. Jason also managed to drool cherry lollipop all over my work cloths. Thankfully a good splashing of water and plenty of air drying on the way back to work got it out. According to Dr. Mancuso Jason's ears are fine and he hears everything I say. So his speech delay could be pure stubbornness or just the fact that he's lacked social interaction so far.

Which brings me to the next big announcement...I enrolled Jason in Preschool!! He starts on Tuesday and will attend every week on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. I'm hoping (and the doctor agrees) that the interaction with other children will help him with his speech. I'm so excited for my little guy to get to play with kids and hopefully learn a little too!


Amanda West said...

I'm glad your appointments went so well!!! (I think Brynn's throwing up was just from her chugging apple juice WAY too fast... she doesn't normally drink it!!)

AND holy cow, he's signed up for preschool?! That's awesome!! You'll have to send me a message with more details, how exciting!!!

Amanda West said...

P.S. I think Jason's eye dr is in the same office as Brynn's. :)

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