Sunday, October 05, 2008

My Week

I don't really have a whole lot to blog about this week so I thought I would just write down a bunch of random events...hope that's amusing to someone:

- I had a really crappy week at work.

- One of my sales reps was mean and made me cry :(

- Did I mention the week was crappy?? On top of the crying thing, several people in the sales dept. have taken interest in me and a friend I have at work...and think it's their business to tell me whether or not we can eat lunch together.

- I spent a bunch of time cleaning up crap and messes I didn't make because we are having a big Groundbreaking event on Monday and the owner of the company and all sorts of other important people are showing up.

- The sales office hasn't looked so pretty and clean in the entire 2 1/2 years I've been working there.

- My review is coming up soon and I think I deserve a raise. I don't think they think I deserve one and I'm afraid I won't get one.

- I went to the company picnic on Saturday and I was really bored. There is nothing for me to do with an 11 month old at a place like that. We talked to people and played in the grass. It rained a little.

- I'm done talking about work now...

- Jason is totally into sticking his tounge out. He can also twist his tounge up and he sticks it out at me all twisted. I can't do that...I'm jealous ;)

- Jason also farted in the bathtub last night and scared himself. I laughed so hard I almost fell into the tub. Jason laughed as well...apparently it's funny when mommy laughs so hard she snorts!

- My weekend has been much better than my week. I'm thankful for quality time with my son and others...

- I washed my car today. Go me! I haven't done that in...3 months? Despite the horrible damage to the side, my car actually looks really nice when its all clean. Just stand on the driver's side and you'll think so too ;)

*AHHH* Done venting. Need a shower now, I got all stinky washing that ;)


Amanda West said...

I'm sorry you had a rough week and that one of the sales reps made you cry. They've done that to me to. You'll have to send me the scoop through myspace!! Just for that, I think you deserve a raise. And, they never had company picnics when I was there. Hmph.

I read the part about Jason farting in the tub, I was cracking up!! I read it to Chad and he was cracking up too!!!!!

Amanda West said...

Is this week better??

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