Saturday, November 01, 2008

The Fair

I decided to take the day off on Wednesday and my mom and I took Jason to the Arizona State Fair! Since the gates don't open until 12pm, Jason was ready for a nap as soon as we got there. So he slept in his stroller while my mom and I explored. When we arrived at the petting zoo area, I tried to wake Jason up and he was still sleeping soundly so my mom and I wandered around in the zoo playing with the animals ourselves.

Then Jason finally woke up:
And, just as I'd figured, he really loved the animals in the petting zoo:

This baby goat thinks my pants are tasty. TOO CUTE!!

Then we wandered around looking for a ride that would be baby friendly enough for Jason. We came across a Pony Ride and I was so excited when they said he could ride! He did SO good! He loved it and he held on tight and sat up straight and didn't wobble or anything. I walked around with him of course, but he rode like he'd been doing it forever :-)

This carnival dude behind us was super nice but wouldn't quit talking...

Such a fun time at the fair!!


Amanda West said...

We went to the fair last weekend and one of the goats nibbled on Brynn's shirt!! (I'll be posting that one tomorrow or later in the week!!)

I love the picture of Jason when he first woke up!! ;o)

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