Thursday, November 06, 2008

Jason's First Halloween

It occurred to me today that I forgot to post a blog about this!

I took Friday off for Jason's First Halloween (boy, I worked really hard last week, didn't I??)

Jason and I went to Waxie and visited all of my coworker friends and showed off his adorable lion costume. Patty took this picture of him crawling around:

After we left Waxie we had to go to the lab and get some routine blood work done. His doctor gave me paperwork for this at his 9 month appointment. I realized that it was almost time for his 12 months appointment and figured I should probably get it done! Good news, the doc called and said all is as it should be. Bad news, that was one of the saddest things I've had to do so far as a mommy I think. They made me hold him still while they put a needle in his arm and he cried...and I cried harder. :*(

Once all that unpleasantness was done, I took Jason to Lifelock where my mommy works. She got to show him off to all of her coworkers. He waved to almost everyone. He also got to go trick or treating in one of the departments there that they had dedicated for that. I was impressed by all of the decorations. They really went all out. Forgot my camera and didn't get any pics.

Later on after my mom came home from work we took Jason to a couple of the neighbor's houses and showed him off a little. Then it was time to take him to his dad's house. Here are some pics we took before he left:


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