Sunday, May 27, 2007

First Ultrasound

OK so I had my first ultrasound last week and that was very exciting. At first it kinda sucked because the ultrasound tech informed me that I have what's called a 'tilted uterus' and that means that instead of being up and down like most women's are, mine tilts off to the side. So effectively that means the baby is back towards my back. Which according to the tech explains why my back hurts so badly if I sit still for too long.

Anyway right at first this was a problem because a lot of my internal organs are in front of the baby in such a way that we were having a hard time seeing it. The tech had to dig around in my stomach for quite awhile with the little nobby thing...I have no idea what it's called all of a sudden.... We kept seeing the baby briefly but then intestines and things would start moving back in front of it and poof it was gone. Finally she managed to get my organs to cooperate and stay out of the way so we could see the baby for awhile. It has legs and arms and fingers and toes and you could see it's tummy (which the tech says means it's eating now so that's a good thing). It was sleeping most of the time. We got it to wake up for a second and it kinda waved it's little arms at us angrily and then went back to sleep :)

So I guess I find out what it's going to be sometime in the middle of July and I'm still thinking it's a girl no matter how many people tell me they think it's a boy. So there! :P lol...

Here are some pics...


Amanda West said...

I'm hoping you're going to post a new blog with the stats!! CONGRATULATIONS!!

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