Sunday, May 18, 2008

6 Month Well Visit

Jason went to the pediatrician on Friday for his 6 month well visit. He now weighs 19.5 lbs and is 26" long. The doctor told us that we can get Jason a forward facing car seat anytime we want now since he's almost 20 lbs. Josh and I are excited about this because Jason absolutely HATES his car seat and I think its because he's got nothing to look at but the backseat. I do have a little baby mirror back there for him but I think he finds that less than amusing. Maybe he would like it better if I turned on the music it plays, but the song and the women singing it make me want to jump off a I just leave it off ;)

He also got three shots and a dose of drops (the rotavirus vaccine is given in drops) while we were there. He loves the drops as always and screamed his head off when he got the shots. But I think he handled them better this time than last time. He was cranky and feverish for a couple of days after his last set but this time he was only cranky on Friday night. And it wasn't even that bad. I guess we go back to the doctor when he is 9 months old and she said he could be standing or even walking by that point! I can see maybe standing...walking by then is so hard for me to grasp.

Jason learned a new trick recently: Blowing Raspberries. He loves it and he does it all the time. Its very funny to see his little tongue all stuck out of his mouth and hear him making silly spitting noises. He really gets going and ends up with pools of drool on his shirt. Too funny.


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