Sunday, May 25, 2008

My Little Terror

Jason is getting bigger every day and he's also learning new things almost daily it seems. It started with the crawling, now he's sitting up. And he's been good at whining for awhile. Last week he was blowing raspberries and today he started to yell. This is a nice change from the whining, even though it sometimes startles me. Josh and I were driving to a friends house when out of the blue he started to yell about something. Scared's really cute though, a welcome change from his normal monotonous whine.

He tears around in his walker. He loves to chase the cats and he follows you around when he wants to be picked up. He'll reach up and tug on your pants, then when you look down at him he just grins. He's also learned how to open drawers and cupboards in the kitchen. The tray on his walker prevents him from getting into either of them, thankfully. We've learned that it hurts like hell when he runs over your toes or into your heels going full speed.

At this very moment he is happily playing in the walker, singing/talking to the vacuum cleaner. And there are only 10 minutes until its time to get ready for bed. This is a surprise, usually he would be whining and screaming in exhaustion. I won't complain, I think I'll just enjoy the peace :o)


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