Tuesday, September 02, 2008

He Speaks!

For the past couple of weeks Josh has been telling me that Jason says "HI!" I haven't heard him say this. Then about a week ago he said it to my mom...when I wasn't in the room!

So when Josh texted me the other day and claimed that he was saying "Ma Ma" I was a little sceptical. Then I brought him home and sure enough he says "Ma Ma Ma Ma!" And although he has a little more of a tendency to say it when he is upset, he will say it other times too. I have yet to determine whether or not he is aware that MaMa is me.

Today he also added "Ba Ba" to the mix. He said that a couple of times this evening for no apparent reason. He could either be talking about his bottle or the rubber ball we were playing with.

By the way, he loves to play with beach balls and rubber Super Balls and the noisy flashing ball that Grandpa Esper bought for him all of a sudden. He chases them all over as they roll around. And tonight while my mom and I were playing on the floor with him, he was cracking up when we bounced the Super Ball in his face. He even threw it a couple of times too, when he wasn't too busy chewing on it!


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