Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Jason at the Park

I took Jason to the park this weekend. Well actually I took him to several parks before I gave up and settled on the one in the pictures. We drove to this big park by my house but there was some kind of event going on and tons of people there. Too hectic for just the two of us! Then I drove to a little playground by my parents house hoping there was a baby swing there, but there wasn't so finally I drove to another little playground that I knew of and even though there still wasn't a baby swing we stopped to play anyway:

Lost his shoe :)

What is this stuff??

I also got a little video of him playing in the sand. My mom's camera doesn't have sound so it's just a little clip:

Also before we went out that day I discovered that the camera took video in the first place. Here is the original video I shot :)


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